Property Management

TwoTen Communities works with industry leaders in sales, leasing, and property management to ensure a short timeline between duplex completion and lease up.  Landlords and tenants can expect excellence in communication and customer service.                     

    • Monthly Property Statements
    • Annual Performance
    • Annual Tax Documentation
    • Repair Invoices and Receipts
    • Tenant Application
    • Background Check
    • Maintenance Requests
    • Rent Collection

    HOA Management

    To protect property values and to sustain community aesthetics for all our future landlords, mandatory HOA membership is required in all our communities. Therefore, we have partnered with HOA management firms with offices along the I-35 corridor from San Antonio to north Austin.

    • Impeccable financial services
    • Comprehensive community maintenance
    • Strong deed restriction enforcement
    • Advanced technology
    • Simple yet secure communication with property owners

      Property Taxes

      Opening your annual property tax bill is typically frustrating. It always seems too high, and most homeowners just pay it without realizing they can lower it. Our property tax platform brings technology and experience to the valuation and protest process. 

      Sometimes homeowners don't protest because they don't know they can. Others forget or don't know how. And then there are those who don't think a small reduction is worth their efforts.

      We work on your behalf to save you as much as possible on your property tax bill. All you have to do is give us a little information upfront. We do the rest. Every year. Guaranteed.

      Inquire here to see how we can help you keep more of your own money.  

      Protest Deadline is May 15, but sooner is always better!